faifai "SHIBAHAMA"

Faifai is a young comtemporary performance group, and is one of the most important companies in Japan today. They (faifai) already try to part from a narrow frame "Japan", and make the world into their active field.

In 2009, faifai made the work named "MY NAME IS I LOVE YOU", and turned round Europe (Hungary/ Budapest, Netherlands/ Groningen, Slovenia/ Ljubljana, Germany/ Berlin). And in 2010, "A story of Y o'clock" went to Singapore (Singapore Arts Festival 2010), and "MY NAME IS I LOVE YOU" turned again round Europe (Germany/Theater der Welt 2010, and Itary/Santarcangelo 2010).

There are many members who have unique talents in faifai. They are making the works not by alone but by the group. Faifai have some playwrights and directors, and their organization changes by each work. Faifai's leader (Yon) wrote in the magazine (Bijutsu Techou) as follows. "Hereafter, we do, not alone but together."

In June 2010, faifai performed in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, that is "SHIBAHAMA". This work's motif is a classics traditional comic story telling of Japan (Rakugo). However, it was extremely avant-garde play. Every day, variegated guest was invited. And there ware programs in which the spectators can participate. In a word, this is like a party.

I do not necessarily affirm that they intend not a theatre play but a party. Because faifai has some abilities make wonderful theatrical productions. But anyway, they are free, they have freedom. Faifai try to be making the opened places without any fences. This attempt is unexampled as long as I know.

They don't exclude anyone. Everyone is permitted to always enter circle of faifai.
Age, sex, and Nationality don't become a problem. We can go faifai together with friends, lovers, parents, children, or of course, can go alone. Faifai said in "SHIBAHAMA" as follows. "We love all living things !!!!!!!" I think, love is their potential.

In this summer, 2010/8/13–15 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, faifai will be jointly planned with B-Floor (the unit of Thailand), that is called "Spicy, Sour, and Sweet". They have already repeated the workshop in preparation for this public program. When I visit the workshop, they collide by the differences of the culture. However, faifai and B-Floor exchanged opinions, and deepened more mutual understandings. I believe it consequentially rolls in a good direction.

There might be various barriers in this world. However, faifai will exceed any barriers, and take us the wide unknown world. I hope so.

快快『SHIBAHAMA』2010年6月@東京芸術劇場/撮影:加藤和也/提供:快快 禁無断転載
“SHIBAHAMA" 2010.06 @Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space / photo: Kazuya Kato/ provided: faifai/ Please do not use any images without permission.

ワークショップ写真 2010年6月30日@東京芸術劇場/撮影:加藤和也/提供:東京芸術劇場 禁無断転載
Last photo, 2010.06.30 @Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space / photo: Kazuya Kato/ provided: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space/ Please do not use any images without permission.