My name is Fujiko Pulthermal, a writer & an editor about Japanese culture. In advance, I will inform you, I cannot speak and write English well. Then, I decided to use the automatic translation system experimentally. So, this website might include a lot of mistakes in the translation. Therefore, I'm sorry, I cannot take the responsibility for sentences of this website as much as writing in Japanese. I would like you to read noting the above-mentioned point. This website is only a test version.

On this website, I introduce Japanese youth culture focusing on performances at small theaters. That is called “Sho-Gekijo”. It can be said that they are descendants of so-called "Little Theatre Movement", but now, they make me feel a new possibility. A lot of young artists who have an excellent talent appear here now. I want to insist, the culture of Japan is not only "Otaku" or "Manga" and so on. Various cultures are here now, and they are waiting to meet unknown people who lives in the world !